Show Your Love | Brand Education for Restaurants

Love is on the air. And that must mean it’s the middle of February and of course Valentine’s Day. The day that we need to show the world we love someone. I guess that means we can ignore the other 364 days in the year, right?


I have talked before about holidays and events being a great excuse to reach out to your customers. Well, doesn’t Valentine’s Day sound like a good excuse to tell your customers that you love them? Sure, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the rest of the year. Showing your customer a little love all the time is just good business. Reward your customers for their loyalty and they will reward you back with repeat business and recommendations.

“Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back”

What are some things that you do for someone you love?

1.    Try and make them happy…everyday
2.    Show them that you love them
3.    Tell them that you love them
4.    Be Genuine
5.    Share with the world that you love them

As a restaurant you should do the same.


Try and make them happy…everyday

My opinion of Valentine’s Day is that it epitomizes the Hallmark Holiday. Do I need a calendar to tell me when I should show my wife I love her? I’d rather shower her with a gift, a special meal out or flowers on a random day. To me, that says I love you…all the time. Share the love with your customers on a regular basis, not just when the calendar tells you too.

Show them that you love them

A little goes a long way. Unlike the obnoxious friend who wants to show off three dozen roses, it is not necessary to go to the extreme. Small little tokens of appreciation go a long way like rewarding regulars for their patronage with a free dessert or a free appetizer. The action on a random day will get more attention than the expected one.

A sweet gesture to show your customer that you love them.

Be sweet. Shower your customers with love all of the time.

Tell them that you love them

Don’t be shy or afraid to tell them how you feel. I am still talking about your customers, not your crush or wanna be Valentine.  Be proud of the fact that you love your customers. Tell them why you love them. Be specific and make it authentic, but make sure it is in your brand voice.

Be Genuine

How would your brand thank your customer? Are you a rowdy, loud roadhouse kind of restaurant? If so, thank them in a rowdy, loud roadhouse kind of way. This will make it seem natural and fit in with your brand. Don’t be fake with your love. Keep it real. Keep it genuine.

Share with the world that you love them

Since we are in the giving mood, why not share the love. Let everyone know that you love your customers and that you appreciate them.

Here are a few ways to share the love:

1.    Run an ad that thanks your customers
2.    Say it on your website
3.    Write it on a billboard or marque sign
4.    Post it to your Facebook page
5.    Tweet the love <3
6.    Give away branded merchandise that says why you love your customers
7.    Send out an eblast
8.    Incorporate it into your brand messaging

Holidays and events are always a good time to do something special, just don’t forget about the random acts of kindness. Out of the ordinary acts will separate you from your competition. It will show that you really care for your customers. And that you think about them all the time not just when the calendar tells you to.

What are some ways that you “show the love” to your customers? How has a restaurant shared their love with you in the past?