April 2012 – BrandEd – A conversation about restaurant branding.

I recently suffered through a trying time, I am on the other end of it now but I was lost, confused and felt isolated from the outside world. I was running around town without a functioning smartphone and I did not like it one bit. My iPhone literally took a bath and I was without the use of my mobile for what felt like an eternity, in actuality it only lasted a little over a day.

Smartphones are mobile computers with almost the same functionality and the convenience of being in the palm of your hand.

At first, I was embarrased about my relience on my iPhone. Then I realized why should I be ashamed that I use technology to make my life easier by staying in-touch with the world and my social circles. I’ll admit to being guilty of feeling the urge to stay connected and secure in knowing all my contacts are in the palm of my hand.

Do you like the idea of staying better connected with your customer?

Have you ever noticed how when you go without something for a period of time it feels like everyone around you is experiencing a break through? Such as taking a break from carbs while the entire city is buzzing about the newest bakery or sandwich shop. While I was sans mobile, I had three close friends all get an iPhone. And, of course they were asking for suggestions on apps. I was happy for their excitement, they were now holding the power of unlimited connectivity in the palm of their hands. But what do you do with that power? Read More…

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