Back in 2007 when the economy took a major hit Daily Deals were the hot new marketing trick for brands, especially restaurants. It might have felt like the perfect weapon. You mean we don’t have to spend any marketing dollars on paid media to attract new customers? Where do I sign up?

Daily Deals worked in the beginning because they were the new toy and everyone took the time to open those cherished emails, and jumped at the opportunity to get a HUGE discount. Then the issues started: Read More…

Conferences are resources for continued education, the restaurant industry’s biggest shows of the year is the National Restaurant Association Food Show commonly referred to as the NRA show – The International Food Service Marketplace. The annual show takes place in Chicago at McCormick place and is a wonderful opportunity to combine the best and brightest minds, products and services related to the food service industry all in one place.

While I usually attend in person, this year I was not able to attend but thanks to Twitter, friends and contacts who attended I was able to take advantage of staying in the loop, while well not being technically in the loop. Over the years, the NRA has done a nice job of integrating new media into the conference programming from an app that can help guide you around the showroom floor and highlight educational breakout sessions to promoting content on Twitter with a dedicated hashtag, #NRAshow.

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Every restaurant could use a reminder of how NOT to react on Social Media, sometimes the greatest examples present themselves in full color. We’ve all heard about the ABC’s, basically they are the building blocks for future growth and education. Well, let me introduce you to the ABC’s of how not to react to customers at you restaurant either in person or more importantly on Social Media. Let me introduce to another ABC – Amy’s Baking Company, they will serve as the foundation of how not to act as a restauranteur, EVER.

If you haven’t already heard or seen the great restaurant train-wreck ever documented, prepare yourself for the ensuing entertainment. I first saw this on Buzzfeed’s post, This Is The Most Epic Brand Meltdown On Facebook Ever and they were not kidding. To start with, this restaurant was chosen to be on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and was then ceremoniously let go by Chef Ramsay, which should be a red flag right there. You can view below Season 6 Episode 16 part 1 and 2 below.  Read More…

In an ideal world, everything would go according to plan. Since most of live in the real world, flexibility is a strategy that should be built into any marketing plan. News travels fast, the speed of Twitter has changed the rules where a Tweet becomes news or can even affect the Stock Market. The days of waiting for the newspaper to be delivered to hear about “Breaking News” is as outdated as watching your nightly news to hear about world news. Expectations have changed and any brand in the public eye needs to be prepared to share news and information with customers and the public… fast.

If you own a restaurant or you work in marketing you know that a good plan is often a flexible plan. Flexibility is a luxury that marketers now have on their side, from the ability to update websites and to reach fans via SMS or Social Media the channels are there to be reactive. While being reactive is important, I am also talking about being proactive. In fact., I recently described the new breed of PR to a client as Proactive Marketing. This concept revolves around the idea that brands today have to be ahead of the media and the news. Because we live in a digitally altered society where the information we find online feels like, well a trusted resource.

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Almost everything you read on the Internet today regarding online marketing talks about content. Either sharing it, creating it or curating it. For some industries it’s harder than others to come up with content. The easiest kind of content to share is the content that already exists. Just like a bowl of fruit, fresh variety can go along way when it comes to creating and sharing content.

What kind of content should a restaurant share? Content can include everything from pictures of your food, to new menu items to a blog post sharing insights into your newest location. Think about sharing a video demonstrating how your head Bartender makes your signature cocktail or instructions on how to properly use chopsticks. Content should serve a purpose, it can be informative and helpful, it can reinforce the brand experience or it be fun and entertaining. Not to mention that content can come in many different forms; text, photography, audio or video. Read More…

Time doesn’t stand still and neither should your brand. I was reminded of this recently when I revisited a former client’s restaurant. I have been fortunate to work with all kinds of clients, not just in the restaurant category. One client in particular had a wonderful quality, almost a sense of transformation associated with their product. The passion, the experience and the food made this multi-unit Steakhouse concept unique. You could sense it the moment you walked in the door.

As a marketer it is your job to help tell a brand’s story. The beautiful thing about branding is that it’s about building an emotional and a personal connection for customers with the brand. On the flip side it is because of this that brands need to grow and change with their audience. Never looking back but always looking forward. Read More…

Restaurants like most brands look to build loyal supporters, fans and brand advocates. There are many ways to communicate with your followers, but what do you do with them once you have their attention? If you are abusing the relationship by simply broadcasting you are not paying attention to new marketing trends.

Social Media has created a great vehicle to enhance two-way conversations with brands and their customers.  A two-way conversation requires brands to listen to their audience, this is exactly what good brands are doing today. Say goodbye to push marketing and forcing messages down consumers throats. Say hello to listening and learning… introducing Crowdsourcing.

What is Crowdsourcing?

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On Twitter:

– David Schwartz of BrandEd

— What Do Your Twitter Followers Say About You?

Every restaurant could use help to drive traffic, apps have become a very useful tool that you should be taking advantage of. We all know the restaurant industry is tough. No matter how good your food is, you need quality service to go along with it. You need an appealing atmosphere, and a good location. And above all else you need customers. I started this blog to help restaurant owners out, sometimes I like to talk strategy and best practices. In this post I am going to be straight forward and to the point.

Consumers are using mobile apps. If you are not using mobile apps… start now!

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Restaurants love travelers, so lets talk about how to make it easier for travelers to discover your restaurant. The Internet, Smartphones and Social Media has changed our lives in some many ways, I like to think the changes have made our lives easier. We have access to information literally at our fingertips 24/7. While some will complain that we miss the world going on around us, I like to think it makes the world an easier place to discover.

Trips can now be planned over-night, plans for the day can be made last minute and yes reservations can be acquired as you walk down the street. Read More…

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