BrandEd’s Services

Whether we are building brands or dissecting them, we are constantly talking about how we can help create better brands. We believe that brands are constantly changing. Which means that your brand needs to stay current and evolve in order to not become irrelevant.

Building a brand requires full time attention from everyone on the team. Consider us part of your team.

What do we do?

We build and develop Strategy for Brands. We consult and educate clients on how best to promote their brands and build awareness. Whether you are a new product or service or you have been around for 300 years, we can help.

A happy customer is a repeat customer. A repeat customer is a loyal customer. And a loyal customer is a brand advocate.

We help guide you on how to use traditional advertising mediums as well as how to create a digital presence. We will help you establish your brand on Social Media Networks, create a blog for your brand and develop an optimized website to drive better SEO results.

We design Customer Relationship Management programs that successfully drive awareness and sales by engaging customers via mixed media, while building brand awareness.

Core Services:

    • Brand Development

    • Brand Education
    • Strategic Brand Planning
Interactive Media

    • Social Media Strategy

    • Social Media Network Development
Blog Development

    • Promotional Calendars
Creativity and Conceptualization
Develop Integrated Campaigns 

    • Traditional Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

    • SEO Strategy 
Internal Communication Programs

We work hard so your brand doesn’t have to.

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