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No matter the brand or the product, all marketers are fighting for eyeballs. So I ask you, how mobile is your marketing? Restaurant brands just like everyone else needs to be visible, they need to be present whenever AND wherever their target audience and customers are. It is hard enough to communicate a message so you might as well hedge your bet by marketing where your audience is hanging out.

Are you aware that 271 million adults own a mobile device of some sort, of which 91% of adult Americans have their phone within arms reach? It is for this reason that restaurant brands should consider being active in mobile marketing.

You should always have a strategy in place before you spend marketing dollars on media. I am not suggesting that you abandon traditional media all together but you better start making the transition into digital and mobile marketing now, before your customers leave you behind. Top of mind awareness is and has always been about being present and that means being in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

3 Questions All Brand Marketers Should Ask Themselves:

  • 1. How smart is your mobile marketing?
  • 2. Is mobile currently part of your marketing plan or do you plan to integrate it in the future?
  • 3. Do you know what your customer’s eyeballs are looking at?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, it is time to educate yourself on mobile marketing:

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Planning is all about thinking ahead. Where do you think your customers will be getting their information from in 5 years? Today, even when we watch TV we have at least a phone, laptop or tablet in our hands competing for our attention. What about Newsprint? Can any of us really be certain that newspapers will still be printing on paper in 3 years time? Your brand’s message doesn’t have to change, only the mediums that you use. How are you sharing your brand’s message?

Mobile Is Used For More Than Just Marketing

Restaurants beef up mobile investments to help with customer loyalty, speed of service and guest interactions.

Smartphones, mobile phones and tablets have become so prominent that one of the largest brands in the world McDonalds is now testing mobile payment apps. Mobile apps are as helpful as they are effective since they can drive traffic to your restaurant. It is important to keep in mind that the power of mobile goes beyond just push marketing. By attracting a mobile user to your restaurant, you are more likely to stumble upon the type of consumer who is an active social sharer. Someone who uses Social Media and apps like Instagram or Foursquare to share and post updates with friends and followers like to share often and can be influential to your audience.

These broadcasters, content publishers and influencers can be incredibly valuable to your brand. A check-in or a tagged photo is an implied endorsement that is more valuable than simply raising awareness. By becoming active in mobile and social media you start to communicate with a new kind of customer. And, who doesn’t like new customers?

How do you use your mobile phone?

I am sure you use your mobile phone for more than just talking, do you text, use a browser, email, social media, search or how about for getting directions? What about apps, which ones do you use regularly? Any favorites you’d like to share?

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