July 2012 – BrandEd – A conversation about restaurant branding.

Lets clarify something from the get go, eating Gluten-Free is a lifestyle. This is one of the many things restaurants need to know about Gluten-Free. It is important to understand this, since restaurants treat dieters differently then they do food allergies or lifestyle choices, so please try not to call it a diet.

Trends are like diets as they tend to come and go. Lifestyles however are a way of life and accordingly they have staying power.

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I love this Inforgraphic by Lab42, granted I am a sucker for Infographics. I love the simplistic layout for disseminating information and statistics in digestible bites. I wanted to share this particular Infographic with my readers because it reiterates multiple points that I am in favor of.

Below are 6 quick takeaways:

  1. Visuals are powerful. Do not underestimate the value of imagery, photos and icons.  
  2. Smartphones and Social Media are a match made in heaven for Restaurants.  Read More…

Nobody likes the feeling of being trapped. It is hard enough to run a restaurant and when you add in the burden of marketing that restaurant, things can become overwhelming. Time is one luxury that owners and operators lack. But what about money? Spending money on marketing should be looked at as an investment and like any investment a plan and strategy should come first. But don’t get trapped into thinking you need to stick with any one medium in particular, especially if you cannot prove that it is worth the investment.

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