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There are very few guarantees out there, especially in marketing, in business or in running a restaurant. But I will guarantee you this, Mother’s Day is one heck of a day to own a restaurant. Every year Mother’s Day is the most popular day of the year to eat out. Because no one should have to cook on Mother’s Day. Well, at least your Mom shouldn’t have to.

So what are you doing this year to capitalize on the traffic?

Since you are going to have a strong crowd and positive traffic on the Sunday of Mother’s Day, what are you going to do to make sure that you provide a memorable dining experience? Moms are great because they are always worrying about everyone else. Well not on this day, on Mother’s Day it is our job as children, husbands and restauranteurs to make sure that we show Mom the  love and appreciation that they deserve.

Here are 8 ways to make Mother’s Day dining at your restaurant special:

  1. Create a special menu only for moms
  2. Offer a special Mother’s Day Brunch
  3. Serve a special cocktail that is on the house
  4. Free dessert, nothing says love like chocolate
  5. Surprise the Mothers with a complimentary rose upon arrival
  6. Take reservations even if your restaurant concept normally does not
  7. Take a picture of the entire table and print a copy for the Moms to take home or even better post it on your Facebook page
  8. Make sure the service is top notch, Mothers deserves nothing but the best

I have talked before about the importance of using a calendar and being proactive with planning. Mother’s Day is another popular day to dine out, just like Easter, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. These special occasions drive different types of customers, marketers refer to them as special occasion diners.

Help make Mother’s Day a truly special occasion for the entire family.

Special occasion diners are customers that are dining out to celebrate…you guessed it a special occasion. These diners often go up a level in price point and often spend more than they normally would. As a restaurant, these are the days you look forward to. You should be doing your best to take advantage of the increased traffic.

It is your goal to convert these special occasion diners into regular and frequent diners. This requires you to create value. Value can be confused with discounted or cheap. In my opinion value is about exceeding expectations. When a purchase is made we calculate the cost and experience, thus creating our own value proposition. Was this worth the price I paid? Did I get my money’s worth and would I buy that product again?

Put your best foot forward and show your customers the very best that you have to offer.

Let’s assume that you have hit it out of the park. Great Service. Exceptional Food. And, you made Mom feel special.

How do you take advantage of the increased traffic?

  • Turn your customer into a repeat customer with a bounce back offer
  • Ask them to join your loyalty program
  • Collect their information: Email, Mailing Address & Cell Phone
  • Ask them for feedback, suggest they book a table for Father’s Day
  • Invite them to a Special Event
  • Track Social Media comments, (and location based check-in) activity and thank parties for dining at your establishment  

Special Happy Mother’s Day shout out to my Mom and my kids Grandma. Thanks Momma.

Now that you are prepared to entertain your special occasion customers, don’t forget to remind your audience that you are the best place to celebrate Mother’s Day. You should have already been spreading the word, hopefully at least 3-4 weeks out. Use your existing paid media, email/loyalty program, signage both in and out of the store and always promote on your website and social networks.

So what is your restaurant doing special this year for Mother’s Day? Are you offering a special menu, cocktail or dessert?

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