October 2013 – BrandEd – A conversation about restaurant branding.

Curiosity has more than peaked, at this point social media is gaining mainstream traction. The benefits of social media for marketing and internal communication is a challenge and an opportunity for brands of all sizes. The value is most definitely there, while the concerns are both valid and understandable. Make the investment to explore the full spectrum of benefits that social can provide a brand before you let the potential pass you by.

One of the difficulties with social media is that it is still considered new, while most people today have heard about social and might even be able to name more than one network, yet it is still not fully accepted. Acceptance takes time, the beauty and the curse of social media lies in its unknown and sometime uncontrollable nature. Most companies would sign-up in a heartbeat for a positive video of their brand to go viral, of course no one really knows what it takes to go viral. Thus, the challenge with social is that control is no longer in the hands of the brand but rather in the hands of the customers and the consumers of media.

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