Social Media Is For Restaurants Of All Sizes | Brand Education [Infographic]

No matter the size of your restaurant or the number of units, Social Media is a marketing practice that you need to be using to promote your restaurant brand. It is well documented that Social Media is trending upward. A good sign of that is the adoption of Social Media by big brands and national media outlets. It has come to the point where if you don’t see social icons displayed on traditional mediums such as TV, Outdoor and Print that you question who’s doing their marketing.

As I promised in 13 Things Restaurant Brands Need To Do in 2013 I want to dive deeper and highlight further some of my recommendations. Number 6 on my list was Get Active in Social Media, Seriously What Are You Waiting for? So if you are like lots of people out there who need to see major brands jumping on a trend this post is for you.

I recently spoke with Brian Wallace founder of NowSourcing, creators of some spectacular Infographics that more then likely you have seen. As we were walking through their portfolio together I came across an Infographic they produced for titled Restaurant Social Media Top 10 that I needed to share.

Note this was originally published in August 2012.
Restaurant Social Media Top 10 [Infographic]
Compliments of and Foodservice Social Media Universe

I think it is relevant to this post since Social Media may be the only medium that Restaurant Small Business owners have an opportunity to compete with major brands and chain restaurants. Now before you go off and talk budgets and the scale of the competition keep in mind Social Media is not about the number of “likes”, followers or connections. It is about building the right type of connections. It is about getting to know your customer and building a relationship. The reason that Social Media is effective for the McDonalds and Starbucks of the world is because no other medium allows for a fan or brand advocate to have an opportunity to interact with the brand in a two-way conversation in real time none the less. This is where an independent restaurant has the advantage.

I firmly believe and I have for a while now that Digital and Social Media Marketing is the greatest leveler of the playing field that has ever existed. All you have to do is step into the box and play ball.

Once you are ready to play ball: How To Get Your Restaurant Started On Social Media

So what’s holding you back from getting started in Social Media Marketing?

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