The How and Why of Content Marketing for Restaurants

It is recommended to understand the WHY before proceeding with the HOW. It is no different when using Content Marketing as a strategy for your restaurant. Content Marketing is Brand Marketing. Content Marketing is the practice of creating and sharing relevant content to help support a brand’s message. Content Marketing is the here and now for restaurant brands.

Why Invest in Content Marketing?

Think of Content Marketing as user-friendly marketing. What do I mean by that? When you are marketing your restaurant brand you should be creating content that is helpful, informative and well… user-friendly for you customers and target audience. What is user-friendly content? It is content that provides useful information when you want it. Kind of like when you are searching for information and you want it right then and there.

What are a few examples of user-friendly content for your restaurant?

• Your Menu
• Search Results – Google’s Local Search Carousel • Pictures of Your Food

• How to Use Your Concept Ex: Are You Special Occasion or Family Friendly?

The important thing is that when you create the content, link it all back to your restaurant’s website. Why? Simply put, you want all of this great content associated with your restaurant. Plus, you want to be found on search engines so tie your content, social media profiles and listing to your central marketing hub… your website. This helpful content is going to answer questions for your audience, such as who makes the best Gumbo or where is the best date night restaurant in town?

There is no shortage of reasons why your brand should be creating AND sharing relevant content. The question that remains is why isn’t your restaurant brand active in Content Marketing?

Brands with varying degrees of marketing budgets are already utilizing a content marketing strategy. Both large and small businesses are finding success, in fact the number of Companies with a Formal Content Marketing Strategy has nearly doubled in the past year. So what are you waiting for?

How Do You Get Started with Content Marketing for Your Restaurant?

A 12-Step Plan to Content Marketing for Restaurants

Step 1: Set A Strategy & Goals
Step 2: Engage Your Audience via Social Media
Step 3: Be A Resource – Not A Broadcaster
Step 4: Create Your Digital Brand Voice
Step 5: Repurpose Existing Content
Step 6: Build a Plan Around a Calendar
Step 7: Diversify Your Content
Step 8: Optimize Your Content
Step 9: Share Great Content
Step 10: Assign Ownership
Step 11: Share and Promote Your Content
Step 12: Track and Measure

For more details review the SlideShare Presentation below:

12 Steps to Content Marketing for Restaurants from Brand Education Services, LLC

So keep in mind it’s not about how big or small your marketing budget is… it’s about staying ahead of the curve and not getting left behind. Are you ready to start marketing your restaurant brand using Content Marketing?

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