There’s Always More To Learn About Social Media | Brand Education

While social is generally accepted, it is still grossly misunderstood. And, thus not fully vetted by all as a tried and true marketing tactic. Social goes way beyond just posting pictures and sharing memes. Social business is real and the effectiveness requires thinking beyond just broadcasting the same message on different channels. It requires integration with your website, a content strategy, curation of content and of course monitoring and response.

Most brands have only hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding what social media can do. It is important for brands to learn about all the benefits of being a social brand. Social connections go beyond the networks themselves, from data collection to more personalized relationships, social is a point of entry into a customer’s personal preferences. Respect it. Honor it. Embrace it.

Businesses should learn how social media can be used to improve user experience on their website. A brand’s website should still be the central hub of information about a brand, but to build relationships with consumers, you need to invite them to engage with you on your social profiles. The more that you can promote your social channels on your website, such as embedding posts and user-generated content to make your site more humanized.

Personalized Endorsements and User-generated content are just two examples of how brands can leverage their fans interest in a brand as well as their own personal network to educate and to build a relationship.

Mobile Location, Mobile Location, Mobile Location

The old saying goes, location, location, location… so I guess location matters, right? Technically geo-location is what really matters. It’s about your location being found via a mobile search. The war today is being fought on smartphones, the ones who win are thinking mobile first. Whether it is a smartphone or your cars GPS, location-search is critical if you ave a brick and mortar business.

SoLoMo – yeah, this is no longer a new term but it is still relevant. Search is local, and social impacts search results. So if you are invested in SEM you better make sure social is part of the mix. And, lets not forget the importance of concentrating on both on-site and off-site SEO. Social success does positively effect search results as retweets and Facebook “likes” are a sign of good content and is rewarded by search engines.

Needless to say, social should be intertwined with at the very least all of your online marketing and the smart brands incorporate it into all marketing efforts.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I started out by talking about how social is still misunderstood. I am reminded daily the importance of continuous education of social media. I stumbled upon this infographic (you all know how much I love Infographics), which reminded me that the basic of social media etiquette is as good a place as any to start.


If anyone told you that social media was easy, they lied. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, the biggest misconception about social media is that it is easy. Social can become easier, the more natural and systematic you get with the foundational elements. But the moment you get lazy and complacent is the moment that you let social media fall behind.

The rules change on almost a daily basis. New networks pop up, while old ones change their rules of engagement. Once you learn that the only constant is change, the better your mind-set will be. Embrace the opportunity, create content, integrate both your website and offline activity and most important, don’t be caught on the sidelines watching while your competition is winning the game.

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