There’s Always More To Learn About Social Media | Brand Education

While social is generally accepted, it is still grossly misunderstood. And, thus not fully vetted by all as a tried and true marketing tactic. Social goes way beyond just posting pictures and sharing memes. Social business is real and the effectiveness requires thinking beyond just broadcasting the same message on different channels. It requires integration with your website, a content strategy, curation of content and of course monitoring and response.

Most brands have only hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding what social media can do. It is important for brands to learn about all the benefits of being a social brand. Social connections go beyond the networks themselves, from data collection to more personalized relationships, social is a point of entry into a customer’s personal preferences. Respect it. Honor it. Embrace it.

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No matter the size of your restaurant or the number of units, Social Media is a marketing practice that you need to be using to promote your restaurant brand. It