Why Creating Restaurant Content Matters for SEO | Brand Education

Almost everything you read on the Internet today regarding online marketing talks about content. Either sharing it, creating it or curating it. For some industries it’s harder than others to come up with content. The easiest kind of content to share is the content that already exists. Just like a bowl of fruit, fresh variety can go along way when it comes to creating and sharing content.

What kind of content should a restaurant share? Content can include everything from pictures of your food, to new menu items to a blog post sharing insights into your newest location. Think about sharing a video demonstrating how your head Bartender makes your signature cocktail or instructions on how to properly use chopsticks. Content should serve a purpose, it can be informative and helpful, it can reinforce the brand experience or it be fun and entertaining. Not to mention that content can come in many different forms; text, photography, audio or video. Read More…

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